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Escape the 9-5

When you have a great idea, the first thing you need to do is set up a company.

Ownership creates and manages your company, your team and your equity so you can focus on success.

Build value

Build value with your team by logging hours and hitting milestones.

We automatically generate an AI valuation and ownership-split of your company based on market rates.

Cash out

When it's time to exit, sell your shares for cash or convert them into tokens and trade them on the blockchain.

Fully automated, end-to-end company formation and management.


Make an impact

Get a team together and do something amazing. The world needs bold new ideas and inspirational leaders more than ever.

There are over 300 million founders in the world today. Join them.

Companies without borders
Feels like the future of work, fully automated, the next generation of global legal entity.
Smart companies
Every company is like a private market between contributors and investors. It's a revolutionary concept.
Anybody can be a founder
It's so easy to use. You don't need to know anything about business to start a company on Ownership.